Have you ever Have you ever felt let down by your business software? Or is the specific package you require not available off the shelf? Ogwen Publishing can provide competitive solutions at a price to meet almost any budget, email us for a quote!

Why Ogwen Publishing?

We have a dedicated programming team headed by a technical director with years of experience in producing bespoke software for a variety of applications. With this level of expertise you would expect our prices to be out of the reach of most small to medium businesses but no matter what your budget we will always work to come up with a solution to meet your finances.

Bespoke software can transform the way a business operates by optimizing your IT infrastructure. A custom-designed solution means you get exactly what you need, no unnecessary cluttering up the workspace and nothing missing that you require. No compromise - just precisely what you need.

Streamline and optimise your business infrastructure by using software that has exactly the functions you need. Do you find yourself using two or more programs for the same operation just to get all the functionality you require? We can produce software that does exactly what you need it to by developing to your exact specifications. Why spend hundreds of pounds and weeks out away from the desk on software training when you can train your software to work for you. We involve our clients in the development of their software from start to finish, ensuring their programs work in the most obvious way for them placing all functions exactly where they expect them to be. From accountancy to project management we can develop software for your business, contact us with your requirements for a free quote.
Want to save thousands of pounds on software? Open source operating systems and word processors can save your office more than you would believe. Ogwen Publishing can send one of our trained consultants to your premises to assess your software needs and provide the free open source packages that suit them. For a small additional fee we can also provide relevant training and cross platform network support as well as hardware integration with your existing systems. Here at Ogwen Publishing we use several different pieces of open source software within our own office so we’re happy to recommend it. If you would like to know more about what software is available feel free to get in contact.